Trip to Mexico


Trip to the Valley


Peggy and I departed Bridgeport on the morning of 25 February 2000.  We got on to Hwy 281(Hwy 281 goes all the way to McAllen) in Mineral Wells and drove to George West, Texas and spent the night in a Best Western Motel.  On Saturday morning we drove on to San Juan, Texas and checked into a Days Inn Motel. That evening we met Dorothy Hale and her friend Robert in Progresso, Mexico for dinner and visitation.



First Day-- 27 Feb 00


We met our Sanborn tour group at the Tropic Star MH & RV Resort in Pharr, Texas.  Our group was made up of Winter Texans and friends plus Peggy and I.  We were the only native Texans in the group.  There were folks from Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida. There were a total of 26 passengers on the Halcon Bus, David the driver, Mike the Tour Conductor and 24 eager tourists.  The bus was a 42-passenger vehicle with very comfortable seats. 


The bus departed Pharr clearing Mexican customs in Reynosa. We cruised over to Monterrey, Mexico, capital of the state of Nuevo Leon. After lunch we continued on to a resort close to Saltillo, Mexico. The name of the resort is Rincon Del Montero. The resort was built by a Mexican Wine Baron and was very comfortable for a bunch of wild first day tourists.


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100-Bus Loading.JPG
100-Bus Loading

102-Tour Group.JPG
102-Tour Group

105-Inside Snack Bar.JPG
105-Inside Snack Bar

111-Rincon del Montero Resort.JPG
111-Rincon del Montero Resort


 Second Day-- 28 Feb 00


 This morning we motored over to Durango.  Checked into Hotel Plaza Vizcaya. Took a tour of Durango seeing zocalo, state capital, and the cathedral. We also visited a Western Movie Set on the outskirts of Durango.  The western town was used in several John Wayne movies.


204-Tour Group.JPG
204-Tour Group

206-NC Group.JPG
206-NC Group

207-MN Group.JPG
207-MN Group

208-David & Mike.JPG
208-David & Mike

209-Hotel Plaza Vizcaya.JPG
209-Hotel Plaza Vizcaya

213-Main Street.JPG
213-Main Street

220-Peggy in Saloon.JPG
220-Peggy in Saloon

221-Main Street.JPG
221-Main Street


229-Inside Cathedral.JPG
229-Inside Cathedral

230-Durange Cathedral.JPG
230-Durange Cathedral


 Third Day-- 29 Feb 00


 Got up early, picked up a box lunch and drove to Mazatlan.  The drive was through outstanding mountain scenery which included 2843 curves.  The road was new and passed over the Sierra Madre mountain range. We stopped in El Salto for refreshments and a visit to the water closet. At lunchtime, we stopped at a pullout and consumed our box lunch. In my opinion the box would have tasted better. However, the scenery was outstanding. Upon arriving in Mazatlan we checked into the Playa Mazatlan Hotel.



300-Durango to Mazatlan.JPG
300-Durango to Mazatlan

301-Durango to Mazatlan.JPG
301-Durango to Mazatlan

302-Snack at El Salto.JPG
302-Snack at El Salto

307-Durango to Mazatlan.JPG
307-Durango to Mazatlan

309-Snack Stop.JPG
309-Snack Stop

313-Tour Bus.JPG
313-Tour Bus

314-Water Closets Pee Stop.JPG
314-Water Closets Pee Stop

317-Durango-Mazatlan Hwy.JPG
317-Durango-Mazatlan Hwy

318-Hotel Playa,Mazatlan.JPG
318-Hotel Playa,Mazatlan

325-Playa Hotel.JPG
325-Playa Hotel

326-Playa Hotel Beach.JPG
326-Playa Hotel Beach

332-Playa Hotel.JPG
332-Playa Hotel


 Fourth Day--1 Mar 00


 We spent the day in Mazatlan. Toured the zocalo, municipal palace, art center, and "Ice Box Hill" which served as a lookout for pirate ships during the 16th and 17th centuries. Mazatlan was a delightful ocean city. The beaches were nice and the fishing is supposed to be some of the best in the world. I would like to return someday to go fishing. Attended a Mexican Fiesta in the evening. The fiesta included dinner and all the drinks you could consume.  The margaritas weren't very good but a lot of them went down the hatch.  It was a fun evening.





415-Peggy in Mazatlan.JPG
415-Peggy in Mazatlan

417-Mazatlan Diver.JPG
417-Mazatlan Diver

418-Mazatlan Market.JPG
418-Mazatlan Market

419-Mazatlan Market.JPG
419-Mazatlan Market

422-Mazatlan Fiesta.JPG
422-Mazatlan Fiesta

424-Mazatlan Fiesta.JPG
424-Mazatlan Fiesta

426-Mazatlan Fiesta.JPG
426-Mazatlan Fiesta


 Fifth Day-- 2 Mar 00


 Drove from Mazatlan to Las Mochis.  On the way we drove through the agricultural area of Culiacan, capital of the state of Sinaloa. We checked into the Las Colinas Hotel. The hotel was old and sort of dirty. It was by far the worst place we stayed while on the trip. Of course this is the writers opinion.

500-Leaving Mazatlan.JPG
500-Leaving Mazatlan

501-Ariving Los Mochis.JPG
501-Ariving Los Mochis

502-Los Mochis.JPG
502-Los Mochis


 Sixth Day-- 3 Mar 00


 This morning we boarded the train "Chihuahua al Pacifico" at 6 AM. The train departed Los Mochis 45 minutes late due to the engineer being late. This was the beginning of the Copper Canyon excursion.  The ride brought breathtaking views along the way. Down below, rivers churn through deep green gorges, white waterfalls and vivid blossoms. The land falls away as the train rolls across high bridges and casts a shadow on the waters below. We traveled through 86 tunnels and over 4 miles of bridges. The longest tunnel was 5966 feet long. The highest bridge on the line was 340 feet above the river.


The railroad was built to provide a shorter route to the Far East.  The railroad was to run from Kansas City, Kansas to Topolobampo, Mexico and would cut off 500 miles and provide a year round port.  The railroad was started in 1870 and completed in 1961. The track was laid with a maximum grade of 2.5%.


We departed the train in Divisadero, Mexico and checked into the Cabanas Divisadero Hotel located on the rim of the Copper Canyon.


600-Los Mochis Train Station.JPG
600-Los Mochis Train Station

601-Our Train.JPG
601-Our Train

603-Peggy on Train.JPG
603-Peggy on Train

605-Along Train Track.JPG
605-Along Train Track

609-Surfragio Station.JPG
609-Surfragio Station

615-Country Side.JPG
615-Country Side

617-El Fuerte Station.JPG
617-El Fuerte Station

625-Train on Bridge.JPG
625-Train on Bridge

627-Train Tunnel #86 5966ft Long.JPG
627-Train Tunnel #86 5966ft Long

633-Rio Chinipas.JPG
633-Rio Chinipas

639-Sierras del Tableta.JPG
639-Sierras del Tableta


644-Country Side.JPG
644-Country Side

652-Estacion Temoris.JPG
652-Estacion Temoris

655-Estacion Temoris.JPG
655-Estacion Temoris

656-Estacion Temoris Station.JPG
656-Estacion Temoris Station

663-Estacion Temoris.JPG
663-Estacion Temoris

670-Train Fans.JPG
670-Train Fans

678-Passing Train.JPG
678-Passing Train

686-Train at Divisadero.JPG
686-Train at Divisadero

690-Hotel Divisadero.JPG
690-Hotel Divisadero

691-Hotel Divisadero.JPG
691-Hotel Divisadero

692-Hotel Divisadero.JPG
692-Hotel Divisadero

695-Tarahumara Child.JPG
695-Tarahumara Child

696-Hotel Divisadero.JPG
696-Hotel Divisadero

697-Copper Canyon.jpg
697-Copper Canyon

698-Royce & Peggy -Copper Canyon.JPG
698-Royce & Peggy -Copper Canyon

699-Copper Canyon.JPG
699-Copper Canyon


 Seventh Day-- 4 Mar 00


 We toured around the hotel area until noon.  We boarded the bus and drove to Chihuahua. On the way we drove through rich farmland and orchards of a Mennonite colony. We spent the night at the Hotel San Francisco.

702-Copper Canyon.JPG
702-Copper Canyon

704-Copper Canyon.JPG
704-Copper Canyon

705-Copper Canyon.JPG
705-Copper Canyon

706-Copper Canyon.JPG
706-Copper Canyon

708- Copper Canyon.JPG
708- Copper Canyon

709-Copper Canyon.JPG
709-Copper Canyon

710-Peggy at Copper Canyon.JPG
710-Peggy at Copper Canyon

711-Mary Ann & Ingrid.JPG
711-Mary Ann & Ingrid

716-Indian Dancing.JPG
716-Indian Dancing

717-Watching Dances.JPG
717-Watching Dances




 Eight Day-- 5 Mar 00


 Sightseeing in Chihuahua included the Pancho Villa House, the main Plaza, cathedral, city hall, the aqueduct built by the Spanish in 1754 and the colonial districts. After the tour we drove to Torreon and spent the night at Hotel Parafso.


800-Touring Chihuahua.JPG
800-Touring Chihuahua


807-Tour Group at City Hall.JPG
807-Tour Group at City Hall


812-1754 Aqueduct.JPG
812-1754 Aqueduct

816-Pancho Villa House.JPG
816-Pancho Villa House

818-Pancho Villa.JPG
818-Pancho Villa

819-Pancho Villa house.JPG
819-Pancho Villa house

820-Leaving Chihuahua.JPG
820-Leaving Chihuahua


 Ninth Day-- 6 Mar 00


 Got up early and toured Torreon.  Drove to Saltillo and toured the town. Visited a shop that makes scrapes.  Drove to Monterrey and stopped for lunch.  Drove on to Reynosa, went through customs and on to McAllen, arriving about 6 PM.


900-Country Side.JPG
900-Country Side

909-Mary Ann & Jim.JPG
909-Mary Ann & Jim




920-Hwy Toll Plaza.JPG
920-Hwy Toll Plaza

921-Jim & Mary Ann.JPG
921-Jim & Mary Ann



Peggy and I hope you enjoyed our trip report. We certainly had a good time. My only regret is I didn't get to go fishing while in Mazatlan.